Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Playlist

Is there any better week for a dedicated playlist than Monday? Oh sure, you could have a playlist centered around every single day of the week (my guess is a Thursday playlist would be the most difficult to create, though I already have some ideas). Still, what with the beginning of the work week and the letdown of finishing a weekend, we'd all probably agree, Monday is a challenging day. Today was especially difficult given the excitement (and later hours) yesterday of the Super Bowl, and coming down off a diet of high carbs and grease didn't make getting up this morning easier.

So, below is my Monday Playlist. Some of the songs are quite obvious choices, especially Fleetwood Mac and the Boomtown Rats. Extra credit will be given to the Tegan and Sara song which mentions Monday in the title three times.

1) "Monday Morning" by Fleetwood Mac
2) "Monday" by The Jam
3) "Come Monday" by Jimmy Buffett
4) "Stormy Monday" by The Allman Brothers Band
5) "Monday, Monday" by The Mamas & The Papas
6) "Rainy Days And Mondays" by The Carpenters
7) "Blue Monday" by Fats Domino
8) "New Moon on Monday" by Duran Duran
9) "Monday Monday Monday" by Tegan and Sara
10) "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats

You'll notice that I'm not immune to 1970's kitsch by my inclusion of the Carpenters. You'll also notice I have not included an obvious choice, "Manic Monday" by The Bangles. I assure you this omission was intentional - I've never liked that song despite any positive attributes singer Susanna Hoffs may have, vocally or otherwise.

Now let's all have a great week - before long we'll be singing Friday songs (the Easybeats, anybody?)

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  1. Checked out my iTunes library for Monday songs. Here are three more:

    Lead Belly - "On a Monday"
    Malcolm Middleton - "Monday Night Nothing"
    New Order - "Blue Monday